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Scuba divers enjoy diving underwater with full equipment even though humans cannot ordinarily stay underwater. Diving is a special event and the health conditions of the divers are very important.
Please consider these important points.

□ Asthma, or wheezing with breathing, or wheezing with exercise?
□ Frequent or severe attacks of hayfever or allergy?
□ Frequent colds, sinusitis or bronchitis?
□ Any form of lung disease?
□ Pneumothorax (collapsed lung)?
□ Other chest disease or chest surgery?
□ Sinus surgery?
□ Ear disease or surgery, hearing loss or problems with balance?
□ Recurrent ear problems?
□ Are you presently taking prescription medications? (with the exception of birth control or anti-malarial)
□ Behavioral health, mental or psychological problems (Panic attack, fear of closed or open spaces)?
□ Epilepsy, seizures, convulsions or take medications to prevent them?
□ Blackouts or fainting (full/partial loss of consciousness)?
□ Could you be pregnant, or are you attempting to become pregnant?
□ A colostomy or ileostomy?
□ Heart disease?
□ Heart attack?
□ Angina, heart surgery or blood vessel surgery?
□ High blood pressure or take medicine to control blood pressure?
□ Are you over 45 years of age and have a family history of heart attack or stroke?
□ Bleeding or other blood disorders?
□ Diabetes mellitus?
□ Back, arm or leg problems following surgery, injury or fracture?

All divers should check the PADI Medical Statement (participant record). If you have answered “yes” to any questions in the medical questionnaire section, you must provide a report from a doctor indicating that you are fit to dive, including any recommended restrictions or limitations. If you do not have a doctor’s report, you will not be permitted to take dive or take the courses.

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